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 B Arch

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) Degree Course

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Architecture Course is a five year degree course run in ten semesters, as per Credit based Grading System defined by University Of Mumbai. 

The Syllabus prescribed by the University of Mumbai, suggests to appreciate the fact that architecture today is more and more being informed by disciplines out of/other than architecture. The Syllabus further says, that Architecture has to be appreciated as a 2nd Order Discipline. It is a Meta Discipline, a critical attitude, not merely an empirical discipline like engineering that needs/seeks/works with data. Architecture deals with fundamental issues of users, cities and societies, and not only materials, processes and aesthetics. It questions the presupposed, and seeks new and contemporary meanings.

Secondly, acknowledging the requirements given by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi; the course shall now be divided into two distinct stages- a Basic Course and Advanced Course. The Basic stage or Stage 1 comprises of Semester 1 to Semester 6. And the Advanced Course or Stage 2 comprises of Semester 7 to Semester 10. In Semester 8, students go on a 100 day Professional training to an Registered Architectural Firm. In Semester 9 and 10, students deal with more complex and advanced architecture project as also complete the Design Dissertation through Semester 9 and 10 before they complete the B. Arch Course.

The B. Arch Couse is broadly classified is three sections viz. Design, Technology & Humanities. In Design, subjects such as Architectural Design, Architectural Representation and Design, Allied Design and Design Dissertation are conducted. Within Technology, Architectural Building Construction & Materials, Architectural Building Services, Theory & Design of Structures are taught. Under Humanities, Architectural Theory, History of Architecture and Social aspects are covered. Another emerging branch in architectural syllabus is of Environmental Studies, which runs from Semester 1 to Semester 10 with increasing complexity in discussion on Sustainable Architecture.

College Projects

College projects form part of the 25% class time that shall be planned by the colleges according to their philosophy and institutional objectives. College Projects may include mixed group participation of students from different years, or may be dedicated to any one class. The College Project time and credits may also be used to supplement additional coursework to advance knowledge in the core subjects in the syllabus.


Electives form part of the 25% class time that shall be planned by the colleges according to

It’s philosophy and institutional objectives.. Electives is offered by the college to each class to supplement additional coursework or to advance knowledge in architecture and allied fields.

Sessional Work

Sessional work in the B. Arch. Course can be defined as mandatory assignments carried out

by the students in the classroom or the studio during the course of the semester (session). 

Theory Paper & External Viva 

At the end of each semester, students undergo Theory paper examination and External Viva as prescribed by the University of Mumbai.

Academic Programme

Bachelor of Architecture: 2013 – till date

Current sanctioned strength Number of students enrolled
2013-2014 40
2014-2015 80
2015-2016 80


Examination and Evaluation (End of Year / Semester system from 2012-13)


Internal Marking 50%
External Marking or Final examination 50%
Passing in Internal heads Minimum 50%
Passing in External heads for sessional subjects 50%
Passing for Theory examination 40%
Overall passing Minimum 50%
The new semester pattern has CGPA grading system.