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The aim of the school is to achieve excellence in architectural design that, needs not only needs the skillfull creation of forms and aesthetics but also inspirations from an indepth bank of technical knowledge and practical know-how. Our vision is to achieve the leading edge of technology development and a sought after partner among the scientific and business communities. We intend to produce competent graduates who enter their careers in different sectors and contribute to the industry.

The method of teaching would involve a problem solving approach where technical and theoretical knowledge would be well integrated. It will be also built on a project based approach that is unique in architecture design and education. Aditya College of Architecture has become a landmark in architectural education. The uniqueness lies in its location in the city of Mumbai, coupled with the state of the art infrastructure and impeccably talented and experienced people gathered here. All of them nurture a different vision about the architectural education, making this the strength of the institute since its inception, and one that will only get stronger and more enriched with time.

We mentor our students to imbibe our values and insights into the state of the art facility that nourish and amplify the students' talent to mould them into the masters of tomorrow. Every incoming candidate is encouraged to be prepared to take risks if need be, to achieve success and gain fruitful returns with our strong support. Our students are encouraged to participate in various seminars, workshops and events each academic year. The School demonstrates its commitment in bridging academic excellence and professional development through individual mentoring programs and active engagement through professional of the architecture field.

Our aim is evident in our educational methods which will enable out of the box thinking and enable learning utilizing innovative methods and experimentation. This will prove to be indispensable when the students venture out into the industry and so will be prepared to deal with it and become successful.